I. A Few of My Favorite Topics

A.The Rocks and Minerals of Joshua Tree National Park” with Bruce W. Bridenbecker

B. The Rock Cycle

II. Useful World Wide Web Sites

A. Cryptobiotic Crusts” at (accessed 17 March 2008)

B.      “Joshua Tree National Park—Geologic Formations (USPS) at (accessed 17 March 2008)

C.       “Earth’s Internal Structure” at (accessed 17 March 2008)

D.     “What is a Mineral?” at (accessed 17 March 2008)

E.      “Dating Tin Cans—IMAC User’s Guide” at (accessed 17 March 2008)

F.        “Tafoni, Cavernous Weathering” at (accessed 17 March 2008)

G.      “Mohs Scale of Hardness” at (accessed 17 March 2008)

H.      “Eight Common Metamorphic Rocks—including slate, schist, gneiss, marble, quartzite, and serpentine” at (accessed 17 March 2008)

I.        “Rock Piles in Joshua Tree” at (accessed 18 March 2008)

J.        “Joshua Tree NP: Rock Piles” at (accessed 18 March 2008)

K.      “Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic Rocks: How do Rocks Undergo Change” at (accessed 18 March 2008).

L.        “Minerals” at (accessed 18 March 2008).  WARNING: Typos and factual errors about quartz, but still useful.

M.   “Introduction to the Cyanobacteria: Architects of Earth‘s Atmosphere” at (accessed 8 April 2008)

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