I. A Few of My Favorite Species

A. The Red-Tailed Hawk

B.  The Swainson’s Hawk and Its Favorite Food: The White-Lined Sphinx Moth Caterpillar

C. The Western Scrub Jay and its relative, The Island Scrub Jay

D. The Mourning Dove

E.  House Finch

Crows and Ravens


II. Some Interesting Topics

A.      Basic Bird Vocabulary (Kevin Zimmer's Birding in the American West, a Handbook, 2000, Figure 2.3-2.4, art work by Shawneen Finnegan)

B.       Overhead Flight Silhouettes (Courtesy of National Audubon Society; art work by Chuck Ripper)

III. Useful World Wide Web Sites

American Birding Association  (accessed 8 March 2013)

American Ornithological Union (accessed 8 March 2013)

 A Murder of Crows, a Parliament of Owls,” what do you call a group of …? (accessed 4 June 2013)

eBirds, a joint project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society

National Wildlife Federation, certify your backyard and encourage wildlife to thrive!

Wild Birds Unlimited Retail Outlets (accessed 8 March 2013)

IV. Suggested Readings

A.     Ornithological Books of Interest,” by Kurt Leuschner, MS, College of the Desert

B.      W. H. Reid and H. J. Fulbright, “Impaled Prey of the Loggerhead Shrike in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert,” The Southwestern Naturalist 26 (no. 2, May 21, 1981): 204-205.

C.      Reuven Yosef a, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Authorand Berry Pinshow, “Impaling in True Shrikes (Laniidae): A Behavioral and Ontogenetic Perspective,” Behavioural Processes 69 (no.  3, 30 June 2005): 363-367

D.     Robert S. Anderson, “The Lacey Act: America's Premier Weapon in the Fight Against Unlawful Wildlife Trafficking,”  Public Land Law Review 16 (1995) (accessed 6 May 2008)

E.       Home-Made Sweet Homes: Building Native Bee Nesting Blocks” (accessed 8 March 2013)

F.      Susannah B. Lerman, Paige S. Warren, Hilary Gan, and Eyal Schochat, "Linking Foraging Decisions to Residential Yard Bird Composition," PLOS One, 22 Aug 2012 (accessed 26 March 2013).

G.     Steffenie Widows, “New Research Shows Certified Wildlife Habitats Help Animals Thrive,” Wildlife Promise (November 2011).


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