I. A Few of My Favorite Species

A. Uma scoparia (aka fringed-toed lizard)

B. Phrynosoma platyrhinos (aka horn-toad lizard)

C. Uma thurmanii, my absolute favorite species of this family

II. Some Interesting Topics

A. Lizards of the Desert with Mr. William (Bill) Presch (2007)

B. "Quick Reference Guide to the Common Lizards of the Zzyzx, Soda Springs Area" by Jason Wallace (2007)

III. Useful World Wide Web Sites

A.      Peter Whitehead, “Causes of Climatic Change” at (accessed 1 June 2007)

B.      Laurie Duncan, “Global Climate” at  (accessed 1 June 2007)

C.       “ITIS—Interagency Taxonomic Information System” at (accessed 29 May 2007)

D.     “Bipedalism”at (accessed 29 May 2007)

E.      “Dust Devils” at (accessed 25 May 2007)

F.         “r/K Selection Theory” at (accessed 28 May 2007

G.      “William Presch” at (accessed 28 May 2007)

H.       “Tenebrionidae website” at (accessed 28 May 2007)

I.        “Uma scoparia” at (accessed 28 May 2007)

J.        “The Effects of Trapping Design on Demographic Estimates...(1980)” at (accessed 29 May 2007)

Created: 24 May 2007; revised, 15 December 2010.