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John V. Richardson Jr., Ph.D.
Field Ecologist/Naturalist and Ecological Informatician


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What Are You Doing to Preserve Our Natural Environment... ? Indiana Richardson and Tortoise of Doom

My ecological and natural history interests cover the gamut from animals (especially bats, birds, insects, lizards and snakes), to archeology; cultural and natural history; geology (especially earthquakes); plants; to rocks and minerals.

As for a personal philosophy, I believe that our responsibility is to enjoy the outdoors, appreciate it, learn about it, and share it with others. My favorite quote comes from Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania: "Remove nothing from the park except nourishment for the soul, consolation for the heart, and inspiration for the mind." In short, travel with minimal impact --you know, "tiptoe through the crypto"...

If you are curious to see what I have been reading, then click on my personal ecology library.

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