The Incan Jesus of San Blas, Cusco (Peru): A Shaman at Plaza San Blas 618


In September 2011, we traveled to Peru, which included a stop in Cusco.  Early one morning, we visited the San Blas Plaza where juried arts and crafts vendors were selling their wares.  Off to one side, a small shop called “Magic Hands” caught our eye because of the southwest Native American dream weaver which was hanging in the window.


Despite the sign which said OPEN, the door was locked.  We figured that it was too early and decided to check back later.  Indeed, it was well worth coming back.  What an interesting experience!


This time when I tried the door, it opened and just inside stood a stocky, but very welcoming fellow of indeterminate age with long, unbraided black hair, who explained that he didn’t open the door, unless he felt “good aura.”  Inviting us in, he told us his name was Jesus; and, he then explained that he spent fifteen days a month in Cusco and the other fifteen days at his clinic in the mountains outside the city, where he did traditional healing.  I commented on the dream weaver and he explained that he was of mixed ancestry—his 102 year old father is from a Native American tribe in Arizona (perhaps it was Zuni?) and his mother, who is in her 90s, is from Peru; I don’t think he mentioned his wife being from Peru, but he told us that he was 58, when we guessed he might be 35. 


Then, he asked me if I was familiar with the shamanic arts; I told him that we had already visited two shamans (one in the Amazon and another up the hill above Cusco).  He also showed us a write-up in one of the tour books and casually mentioned that Shirley MacLaine has written about him (see the Life Force of Sacred Sites).  He showed us a couple of postcards from people who has been successfully treated by him.


Pretty soon, he told me that my “aura” was two colors (I think it was orange and yellow).  His demeanor was calm and quite engaging; he has a gentle laugh as well.  He kindly asked if he could “read” me.  I agreed; he asked me to stretch out my right hand.  He placed his own hands above and below mine, but without touching mine.  Somehow, I felt his warmth (perhaps, less skeptical folks would say his “power”).  He asked me my name; and then, he turned my hand over with his.  He told me I was confused and asked if I knew the four chakra points (or, the human body’s energy points).  Yes, I said, I had heard of them.  He told me: 1) the mind for thinking, 2) the eyes for seeing, 3) the mouth for communication, and 4) the upper body for exertion.  He told me that these were out of balance—I had very tight shoulders, plus I was 100% analytical/crazy whereas 50% would be ok, he explained.  He also mentioned something about my neck glands and that when I was 15 or 16 years old that I had a great conflict (honestly, I still can’t think of what it would have been).  Anyway, I was too open, taking in the good, the bad, and everything else.  And, finally, I was skeptical as well.  I asked him how he learned all of this stuff—he told me from his grand/father.


The good news, however, was that he had something for my condition.  While he went in the back to his work area, he told me that I could read a printout of something from the WWW which told something more of his background (upon searching I found what I think was the source-click here).


When he returned, he has a small silver amulet.  Handing me a large magnifying glass to look at it, he told me that in the center was a fire opal from the river; it had to be from the river and not the mountains for it to work for me.  He further explained that I was to wear it around my neck.  On the back, he showed me a rather intricate design or pattern which would channel the bad energy in, and then out, and away from me.  I know one of the stone was hematite because he placed a small needle on it and it stayed there.


When it became clear to me that he wasn’t giving it to me for free, I asked him how much it was.  With a completely serious face, he replied “$1 million.”  I said something like, “Well, I guess I can’t afford that!”  He smiled again and said that he had a special price for me—700 soles (about $256).  When I declined even at this special price, we talked about other things in his shop.  The oil paintings are taken from his dreams and they are for sale.  He also mentioned that some famous individuals visited him including Jim Morison, Jim Carrey, and Eric Clapton (who thirty days later shipped him a Harley Davidson motorcycle).


My skeptical conclusion: he is a good showman and makes you feel good that the artistic piece he has created is just for you.  At least, you have a good story, if nothing else…we left without anything more than fond memories.


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Updated: 29 February 2012.